• When I absolutely needed to make sure my revised drawings which were 190MB were received by my client I used Send6-it worked and I have used Send6 ever since! Joan P. Santa Ana, CA
  • I found Send6 2 years ago and have been using it ever since to send big files-I highly recommend it to anyone needing to email a large file! Peter M. Chicago, IL
  • Love the on-line file storage Send6 offers. It makes sending and managing my large files so easy, keep up the good work! Antonio Z. Lima, Peru
  • Send6 saved the day! Phillip G. London, England
  • Thank You! This is the best Internet application for sending large files-PERIOD! No one else compares. Kurt H. Neusdtadt, Germany
  • I thought my file was lost but your customer support came through and saved the day-I am a believer and will never use anything but Send6 to email large files Cory T. Auckland, New Zealand

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